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Digital Process Automation

Our digital process automation approach takes business process management (BPM) to the next generation as it focuses on customer experience, digital transformation, and artificial intelligence.


We create workflows that can handle both structured and unstructured processes, integrate with existing systems and data sources, and scale across your organization. We also design forms, reports, and applications that support your workflows and enhance your user experience. It will transform the way you work.

Let us help you achieve process excellence today!


Powerful low-code process automation with K2 Software

With the ease and power of Nintex K2 Cloud and Nintex K2 Five, you can drive process excellence across your organization by connecting people, systems, and data to orchestrate how and when work gets done.


Deliver Results Faster


Automate simple to complex processes

Visually design workflows on Nintex K2 Cloud using patterns such as serial or parallel flows, rework, looping, and more. Incorporate powerful business logic rules, integrate your workflow with any line-of-business systems, and give your users a centralized view of their assigned tasks so work can flow more efficiently.

Build intuitive digital form experiences

Using K2 Software’s feature-rich designer, create and connect SmartForms to your workflows and line-of-business data to design a powerful user experience. Build a form once and reuse them across any application. Incorporate business rules for data validation and dynamic display logic. You can even combine voice, chatbots, and social channels into your forms to create a seamless, interactive experience for your users.


Easily connect data with your apps

K2 Software’s patented SmartObject framework enables you to connect to virtually any line-of-business system with no code using pre-built connectors – or create your own using a Javascript-based custom broker. Whether your data resides in the cloud or on-premises, you can create an integration point once and reuse it across all your workflows, forms, and reports.

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