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Best RPA Online Training Course with Internship


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RPA Training Course
Best Online RPA course

15k+ Satisfied Trainees

Our instructor-led training's prepare you from scratch to expertise so that you can drive RPA initiatives in your organization or land a dream job.

The course helps you master key concepts of RPA on any platform of your choice - UiPath or Automation Anywhere, covering topics like:

  • Image, PDF automation and Computer Vision activity.

  • Excel, Email and UI Automation.

  • Data Manipulation, extraction, formatting using RPA bots.

  • Hands on experience on cognitive extraction tools like UiPath Document understanding or AA IQ Bot.

  • Managing your processes from Orchestrator or Control Room.

  • Building a solution with Re-Framework or Modular approach using steps.

  • And many more...

Throughout this online Instructor-led live RPA training, you will be working on real-life industry use cases. 3 hour sessions are conducted on the weekends. Upon completion of the training, you will undergo 1-3 months of internship with us.

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How are we different?



Online training

Weekend classes:
Each sessions of 3 hours.

Internship on live projects



1 - 3 months of internship based on the selection of course

Exciting career opportunities





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Best UiPath RPA Course

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Best Automation Anywhere RPA Course

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Best RPA Online Course

“I was a beginner and wanted to learn all about RPA. The UiPath Complete course was perfect for me. The instructor was very patient and helped me with my doubts and now I'm doing the internship on a live project. ”

Vijay Prakash

RPA Developer

  • How is this course different from Udemy or Edureka courses?
    We are not online learning portal. We are a product centric professional services company. Our goal is to provide opportunity to everyone to learn and grow in RPA. Our trainees undergo 3-6 months of internship with us where they get a chance to learn hands-on on live projects. Upon completion of the internship they have a chance to get hired by us or be ready for the job market.
  • What will the Participants Learn during their RPA Training?
    Upon completion of Robotics Process Automation course using UiPath, learners will acquire both theoretical and practical knowledge as per the current needs of the IT Industry. From this UiPath course, they will leverage the following: Gain the understanding of the features of RPA, its benefits and usage Assess the key considerations while designing an RPA solution Work proficiently with the leading RPA tool ‘UiPath’ Have practical knowledge on designing RPA solutions using UiPath Learn Data Manipulation using variables and arguments Get familiarize with various activities in UiPath used to create workflows Perform Image and Text automation with latest of feature of UiPath i.e., Computer Vision Debug and handle exceptions and perform logging in workflow automations Implement modular approach to build an automated business process solution using REFramework
  • What will i work on during the internship?
    You will be given live hands-on projects based on your profeciency level. These projects will help you practice the fundamentals on real projects rather than examples.
  • What are the pre-requisites for this RPA Course?
    1. Basic understanding of programming concepts 2. Good logical reasoning ability
  • Who should go for this RPA training?
    The following professionals can go for this Robotic Process Automation Course using UiPath: Support Representatives RPA Developers IT Professionals Application Developers

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