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RPA and Data Analytics Services

Robotic Process Automation "RPA"

Make your business reach new heights with AI infused RPA. 

RPA Amayztech

Robotic Process Automation "RPA"

Our Software bots take the manual work out of your human resources and automate it. They are designed to automate business processes by simulating human activities. RPA is thus changing the way we work. 
Let us help build YOUR digital workforce today!

Data & Analytics

Across industries, organizations that get more value from their data outperform competitors. Analytics is the key to get broader and deeper insights into markets, customers and internal processes, aiding a data-driven approach that can help gain competitive advantage and build a sustainable business performance.

Our insights-driven business models enable enterprises to make the right decisions and stay relevant and competitive in a customer-centric economy.

RPA and Data Analytics Services by Amayztech
Professional RPA Services by Amayztech

IT Staffing & Professional Services



Augment your team with top developers, quickly scale and complete development on time. Amayztech helps you to add the extra talent with domain expertize at optimized cost to boost your projects.

RPA Training Courses


Our goal is to turn you into an amayzing RPA developer. Our certified training packages come with bundled internship thus supporting you get a new job or drive RPA initiatives in your organization. We will also prepare you for UiPath or Automation Anywhere RPA Developer Certification exams.

Academy - RPA courses