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Data & Analytics

Across industries, organizations that get more value from their data outperform competitors. Analytics is the key to get broader and deeper insights into markets, customers and internal processes, aiding a data-driven approach that can help gain competitive advantage and build a sustainable business performance.

Our insights-driven business models enable enterprises to make the right decisions and stay relevant and competitive in a customer-centric economy.

Data Analytics Services focused on AI & Machine Learning
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Leverage your data & Drive your business forward 


Data Platforms and Management

Business Intelligence

Cloud Data Platforms


Data Platforms and Management


Data lakes

The first step in a data management workflow is often a centralized repository to store all of your structured and unstructured data at scale. Use this data lake to run different types of analytics directly on raw data and to serve as a cost-effective landing zone for downstream data modeling.

 Our Data Lake services include: 

  • Data strategy and road map

  • Prototyping and tool evaluation

  • Solution design and architecture

  • Data integration, data access and services

  • Development and Go-Live Enablement

  • Managed services

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Data warehouse

Drawing raw data from a data lake, a data warehouse enables and supports your team's business intelligence activities by acting as a curated central repository of information. BI tools function best on top of this type of "single source of truth" data layer

Our Enterprise Data warehouse offering includes:

  • Data archiving and migration

  • ELT offload architecture

  • Self-service BI / discovery

  • Guided analytics

  • Enable advanced visualization to derive actionable insights from data

  • Managed services

Business Intelligence


Interactive data visulatization

Tell compelling stories with your data. Data visualizations allow you to explore your data in a visually appealing format and draw conclusions that are critical to the success of your business. 

Amayztech can help you turn data from diverse sources into immersive visuals, which enables monitoring goals and results, identifying opportunities, predicting demand, and more.


These are some of the use cases we cover:

Corporate performance

  • Benchmarking financial performance data for revenue optimization strategies.

  • Department and employee performance monitoring and analysis.

  • Customer and product analytics.


  • Tracking a company’s revenue, expenses, and profitability to improve financial forecasting and budget planning.

  • Identifying and managing financial risks.


  • Monitoring equipment performance to optimize overall equipment effectiveness and manufacturing process quality.

  • Uncovering defects in manufacturing processes to speed up product development and improve product quality


Supply chain

  • Identifying demand drivers to improve demand planning accuracy and optimize order management.

  • Monitoring procurement data and conducting spend analysis to identify rationalization opportunities.

Marketing and sales

  • Predicting a prospect’s response to marketing activities for improved planning and optimized budgeting of marketing campaigns.

  • Customer segmentation to design personalized marketing campaigns, cross-selling and upselling strategies.

  • Customer sentiment analysis to increase product/service quality.

BI .png


  • Keeping track of employees’ activities to determine the performance gaps and devise measures to enhance staff performance.

  • Visualizing data for talent management (applicant data, current recruitment needs, best performers, etc.) to make informed decisions within the recruitment process.



  • Asset tracking and monitoring to optimize asset risks and maintenance management.

  • Predictive maintenance to enhance the value of critical assets and optimize asset life cycle management.


Advanced analytics - AI & ML

Artificial intelligence is a set of algorithms and intelligence to try to mimic human intelligence. AI is one of the emerging technologies with wide areas of business use cases. At Amayztech, we utilize deep learning, tongue process, and neural networks that may imitate human dynamics and allow constant applications and programming of Machine Learning. 

Amayztech will consult with you on how you can utilize artificial intelligence and machine learning to get ahead of your competitors by making proactive decisions on the highest priority opportunities.

Our Expertise
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